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Let's start this...

Ok, so aside from the things mentioned in the beginning post, I thought it would be cool for this community to have a "theme" topic every couple weeks or so. And even though we are lacking in members (promote?), I think that we can start moving along! But annnnyway, I first want to know the opinions of what you guys would want to discuss in the future.

Some examples / ideas:

- Sex / purity, of course. Could throw in the issue of modesty along with that.
- Swearing, off color jokes, etc.
- Evangelism.
- Different religions.
- Family issues.
- Friends.

I don't know. Those always seem to be big ones that come up in youth groups, but hey, this is new game. So whatever ideas you guys have, let me know! AND BRING MORE MEMBERS!!!! *shakes fist*
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